e Governance in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Transport Department is a pioneer in using information Technology for providing citizen centric services. Computerization of the department started 10 years ago with the issuance of Smart Card Based Driving License and Registration Certificate.

Gradually all the processes of the Transport Department are being computerized and the data are made available through the internet or SMS for access by citizens. M.P. is the first state to provide value added services like "Online Tax Payment" and "Online Dealer Point Enrollment System".

News and Updates
License Application and Appointment System
Madhya Pradesh transport department providing appointment for License online click here to get an appointment
Online Tax Payment System
Now pay Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Road Tax online just enter vehicle registration number and pay the tax - Click Here
Dealer Point Enrollment System
Dealers can register new vehicle and get online vehicle no. for the registered vehicle Click Here to login
Online Permit System
Now apply for Permit online with easy steps.
Online RC Renewal & Reissue
Pay your fees Online for RC Renewal & Reissue.
Online Fitness/NOC
Now get Fitness and NOC Online